151MHz FM Series Recievers – Long Range

This receiver gives you a relay output with a contact rating
of 5 amps at 240VAC. The relay mode can be set to momentary,
latching, security latching, adjustable timed off delays or pulsing.


The user can select 8 different narrow band frequencies and
program unlimited number of transmitters to the receiver. With
a narrow band FM 151MHz signal from the transmitter a line of sight operating range of 5000 metres is possible. The receiver
uses a crystal oscillator circuit that ensures high frequency
stability allowing optimal performance in the receiving range.


  • Receiver with relay output
  • Supply voltage can be AC or DC
  • Low current consumption
  • Built-in noise or signal strength indicator
  • User can select 8 different frequencies
  • Momentary, Latching, Security latching, Off delay and Pulsing modes are all user selectable
  • Easy code setup with dip switch settings
  • Optional QM100 bracket available for easy mounting to cases or walls. C1015 or C1020 case is also available.

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