2 Channel Penta Series 433MHz Receiver

This receiver is compatible with PentaFOB and PentaCODE remotes. One of our smallest receivers measuring 55 x 44 x 13 mm. Small but still very powerful using the latest Mosfet technology to give you two outputs with high switching current of 2 Amps at
40VDC each.


The PentaCODE® dual coding system gives the installer the option to use the classic 12-way dip switch coding or one of over 17 billion encrypted codes.


With the 12-way dip switch, just match the keyring remotes and the receiver’s dip switch and it’s coded. With the encrypted code you switch all the 12-way dip switches OFF and the remote and receiver automatically goes into the encrypted coding.


The receiver is available as a plug in type with the standard 6-pin connector. This connector allows you to integrate the receiver into your design. Use 6WHP or 6WLP connector.

Part Number: PCR43302P

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