Autoslide Automatic Sliding Door Operator

Autoslide’s automatic sliding door system is universally designed to retrofit to most free-running sliding doors including sliding glass door, aluminium frame doors, patio door, fly screen door, internal pocket doors, bathroom cavity doors, wooden sliding doors and frameless sliding glass doors.

To know which side of the door you need to retrofit Autoslide to, stand inside of the house to slide open door. As you slide door open, does this moving panel which you holding onto slide over the non-moving (fixed) panel or does it slide behind it? If it slides in front of the other panel, then Autoslide will need to be fitted inside of the side where you standing. If it slides behind the fixed panel then Autoslide will need to be fitted on the outside of the house (ie.externally). Autoslide is designed to be weather-proof.

By default, if installing to the top of door, Autoslide will be fitted over the Fixed Panel of a slide Left to Open door and over the clear opening for a slide Right to Open. (refer to pics on left) However, the Autoslide drive system can be easily re-handed to suit your preference. Every kit includes step by step rehanding instructions on the manual and DVD.
For internal cavity doors | pocket doors, Autoslide can be fitted to a slide Right to Open pocket door without the need for rehanding.
Default Top Mount option:

Autoslide can also be installed to the bottom of the door if Top Mount is not suitable. (eg. curtain rods or blinds too close to door). By default, Autoslide can be fitted at the bottom of a slide Right to Open door. No rehanding of unit is required.

Autoslide can also be installed to bi-parting doors. Two Autoslide drive systems will be required to automate each door leaf. However, only need to programme one push button to work with both systems.

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