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Bed Alert

Bed Alert

The Astec Wireless BedAlert monitors patient movement in their room, if a patient enters an exclusion zone an alarm is raised. This can be via your existing nurse call system or an audible alarm at the base station. With easy installation and extremely low power consumption this device is safe for the patient as there are no wires as tripping hazards. Once activated and an automatic 30 second settling period has lapsed, giving staff time to exit the room, the sensor silently scans the room. This device will alert staff as soon as someone enters the exclusion area, either by getting out of bed or if someone enters the room. The Astec BedAlert is simply turned off when not required and can be moved from room to room. Up to four sensors can be monitored by one base unit that is situated in the same room. BedAlert is also suitable for use in domestic applications where carers need to be alerted when their client gets out of bed


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