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Fadiel Combined Brake and Accelerator

The new FS2005 Combined Brake and Accelerator is built around an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing design that is functional and user friendly. It is operated by pushing the lever for brake, and turning the trigger for acceleration. The light action of the trigger eliminates fatigue and provides the option of holding the steering wheel with two hands while controlling the accelerator trigger with the little finger.

The accelerator functions using a potentiometer and dedicated ECU that interfaces with the vehicle’s original electronic system, commonly known as ‘fly-by-wire’. The dedicated software enables individual programming to suit both driver and vehicle characteristics. This translates to a smooth progressive acceleration curve.

The safety cut out mechanism eliminates acceleration on vehicle start up and when braking is applied. In the event that both accelerator and brake are applied simultaneously, the accelerator is cancelled.

Features include brake locking function, acceleration lock (similar to a cruise control) and horn. Accelerator and brake locking functions cancel by re-applying the brake. The unit is also available  in an altered design featuring luminated keypad incorporating buttons for lights, indicators and horn. An ergonomic design ensures all buttons are in easy reach of the thumb. These functions are compatible with most vehicles thanks to the sophisticated Can-Bus integrated software.

Available in left and right hand versions. Colour options include, for example, black satin, carbon fibre, brushed steel, pink, fuchsia, violet. Can be fitted to any vehicle and does not interfere with original electronics.

Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Combined Brake and Accelerator showcases the work of their innovative design team.

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