FMT 151 Series Long Range Transmitters

This FMT151 series has a transmission power of 100mW and a current consumption of only 85mA. It gives a controlled range of up to 5000 metres. The controlled operation can be any electronic or electrical operated device when used with the FMR151 Series of receivers.

The channels are activated via screw type terminals onto which the user can connect reed switches, toggle switches, push buttons or any form of normally open (NO) contact.


  • Available with 1, 2, 4 and 8 channel inputs
  • Built in LED indicates transmission
  • User selectable up to 8 different frequencies
  • Compatible with all FMR151 series receivers
  • Easy to program and install with code switch technology
  • Available with durable alloy metal case, E in the part number
  • No Case version allows user to install in their own case
  • Selectable transmission modes, off delay, continuous and one burst
  • Not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference

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