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Ottobock Start M4 XXL

The Start M4 XXL is the robust model among the
lightweight wheelchairs. With its sturdy double
cross-brace and the reinforced rear wheels, it can
carry up to 160 kilograms and withstand extreme
stress and strain.
The optional back stabiliser rounds out the
wheelchair’s features without compromising its
The rear wheel adapter of the Start M4 XXL allows
the centre of gravity to be adjusted to meet different
user needs.

Features include:

• Aluminium tube frame
• All main component groups are attached
with screws
• Reinforced rear wheels and back tubes
• Optional stabiliser bar
• Standardised castor forks for all wheel sizes
• Durable upholstery
• Narrow folding size with folding fixture
• Sturdy double cross-brace
• Optimised knee lever wheel lock


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