Weight Scales

Fixed Weight Scale Kit

Complete with all the hardware, this fixed weigh scale suits the C series range of ceiling hoists. Digital read out either in kilograms or pounds up to 454Kg. Available in Quick Release to suit the C Series carry bar.

Portable Weighing Device

This Portable weigh scale can be used with the P Series, Eclipse, Nomad and Voyager portable along with the fixed range of ceiling hoists. SWL up to 300kg.

Portable Weigh Scale

  •  Height – 400mm
  •  Length – 600mm
  •  Width – 28mm
  •  Material Powder Coated Steel
  •  Weighing Tolerance 0,001%
  •  Weight Capacity 300kg
  •  Weighing unit MDD class 1

Fixed Weight Scale

  •  Weight Capacity 454kg
  •  Weighing Tolerance 0.1%
  •  Size 94mm x 70mm x 80mm

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