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Alber Twion Power Assist Wheels

With so many wheel style power assists now available on the market, wheelchair users can be overwhelmed with choice.

The amazing Twion power wheels offer freedom and help to maximum independence. The power motors provide you with a boost for every propelling movement. The high tech sensors fitted to the hand rim work out precisely the right amount of assistance to give.

The Twions super silent direct drive offers a high agility and easy handling. You are actively on the move and reach your destination quickly, efficiently and calmly!


  • Each wheel is only 6kg making the Twions one of the worlds lightest wheel assists.
  • Easy to use magnetic charging plugs.
  • Smart phone app allowing remote driving, dionistics and handy tips
  • Max speed of 10 km/h.*
  • Cruise control function allowing the chair to continue driving on just one push.
  • App cockpit view with battery level display and driving information.
  • Twion wheels can be easily removed and stowed away in the trunk of any car.
  • Made in Germany.
  • You can take the twion wheels on a plane opening the doors to the world.
  • Max user weight 120kg. Max total weight 145kg
  • 12 month product warranty.
  • Wheels sold as a pair.
  • Over 15kms range with every charge.

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