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Astec is proud to announce the introduction of the Di Blasi scooter to the Australian marketplace.

The uniqueness of the Di Blasi from other portable scooters is that it folds and unfolds at the push of a button.

Some other great features of the Di Blasi include

The large pneumatic tyres on the Di Blasi make driving over rough surfaces a breeze. This is one of the standout features of the scooter, as most potable mobility scooters have small hard tyres giving the user a rough ride.

Interested in becoming a distributor for the Di Blasi scooter?

Please contact us for new distributor information packs.

Scooter R30 rosso5
Scooter R30 blu
Scooter R30 antracite
Sacca custodia R30 #3030
Scooter R30 blu6
Scooter R30 blu8
R30 Braccioli #4030

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