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Aspire Rehab RX Advanced Tile in Space Wheelchair

The Rehab RX is meticulously engineered to meet the unique needs of individuals requiring assistance with positioning, repositioning, and skin care.

Its 26° tilt and 30° backrest recline not only promote weight distribution and skin integrity but also enhance user comfort, reduce fatigue, and support head control.

The contoured backrest and seat cushion, featuring a gentle lumbar contour and moderate lateral support, combined with abductor and adductor features in the seat cushion, ensure optimal midline positioning.

Advanced articulating legrests closely mimic natural knee movement during elevation, maintaining thigh contact with the seating surface to provide maximum support and skin contact with the cushion.

For added comfort and skin health, the support surfaces feature multi-layered foam and breathable multi-stretch covers, aiding pressure redistribution and enhancing skin microclimate.

The Rehab RX offers extensive adjustability, including customizable seat sizing for depth and width, height-adjustable and removable armrests, and an adjustable headrest.

It meets crash test standards as per AS/NZ3616.196 and comes equipped with anti-tippers as a standard feature.


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