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Autoadapt 6 Way Power Seat Base

The 6 way power base allows a wheelchair user to gain access to the driver or front passenger positions from the interior of a suitable van. The power base is generally fitted with the vehicles original passenger or drivers seat. The system operates as follows.

  • The chair user transfers to the power base seat which is electrically driven into the row 2 position and rotated up to 140 degrees.
  • Once sitting in the seat, the user can rotate it (electrically) till it faces the front of the vehicle.
  • The seat can then be propelled forward (electrically) until it is in the required position for passenger use or for driving.
  • At any point during this operation it can adjusted for height (electrically) to match the wheelchair seat height or driving height.
  • Returning to the wheelchair is the reverse of this procedure.

Note that a vehicle with flat floor area front to back is most suitable for this device (ie , VW T5 Transporter, Mecedes Vito)

Assesment of the proprosed vehicle is required as a first step.

    • The Autoadapt 6-Way Base is designed with focus on the safety of the driver. It goes without saying that you, as a wheelchair user, should benefit from the same safety standards as any other driver.

It should be every driver’s right to be safe and comfortable.

  • The Autoadapt 6-Way Base is crash tested according to global and European standards for vehicles.
  • When seated at the wheel you use the vehicle’s original seat belt. The seatbelt receptacle in the 6-Way Base has been thoroughly tested including crash testing.

Attractive design

  • We know that you – as a car owner – wish to keep the vehicle interior looking as neat as possible, despite any adaptation product installed.
  • Our goal has been to design a 6-Way Base which blends well with the vehicle’s interior design.

Stable and functional

  • It is essential that a driver has stable seating, which doesn’t sway when making turns or wobble on rough roads.
  • The construction of the Autoadapt 6-Way Base is designed to eliminate sway and to provide complete stability.


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