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Avero Motion Bath

The concept of the AVERO Motion is to simplify bathing or showering, to support the mobility of the residents and to offer the possibility of a relaxing full-size bath. By the large opening door on the side, it is possible for mobile or partly mobile residents to enter the tub independently.

The AVERO Motion allows mobile residents to have an independent entry to a full bath, without the use of a helping device or the risk of slipping while getting into the tub. This increases acceptance and reduces the expenditure of time taken to transfer in and out.


  • Ergonomic foot zone for optimal support
  • Fitted sitting and lying shape for more safety against slipping
  • Change of viewing direction into the room possible
  • Ergo-hand grips providing optimal hold for the bathing person
  • Overflow up to 5 cm higher than competitive tubs = bathing water up to the chest
  • Flat door area without edges for easy transfer with the wheelchair
  • Large pre-filling volume
  • Cable remote control as operation option for the resident/nurse
  • Anti-scalding protection for tub inlet and hand shower


  • Tub length: 1.760 mm / 1.908 mm (entry position / tilting position)
  • Tub width: 860mm (outside)
  • Lowest entry height: 490mm
  • Working height: 490mm
  • Inclination angle: 23°
  • Water drainage: 75I/min
  • Power supply: 230 Volt, 50 Hz (11 0V, 60 Hz)
  • Patient weight: 210 kg (max.)
  • Filling volume: approx. 270l/ ca. 185l (without resident / with resident)
  • Pre-filling volume: 98,1l (foot zone)