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Carolift 6900

The Carolift 6900 is yet another fantastic and versatile product in the vehicle hoist range. The 6900 takes all the manual labour out of removal and stowage of out the wheelchair/scooter or heavy item in and out of the vehicle. The 6900 is on the higher end of the load bearing scale, meaning it is designed for more heavy duty use, boasting one of the highest lifting capacities currently available on the Australian Market at 181 kg.

The 6900 is perfect for those that have heavy wheelchairs, scooters or even just heavy items into a van that need to be lifted into the vehicle without any physical stress on the body.  The lift arm of the Carolift 6900 also features and innovative off-set design (like two “elbows”) which enables loading from the side of the vehicle, or the footpath. This makes it safe, easier and allows it to keep the wheelchair placed on the sidewalk (not needing to descend to street level).

The 6900 comes with a power telescoping lift head, to allow fitment through tighter rear doors.


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