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Cura1 Wireless Bed Pad Set

The Cura1 Wireless bed pad kit home use is the perfect solution for unsupervised bed exit in the home.

Cura1 Bed, chair and floor mats have been supplied to aged and disability services over the years and certainly provided falls prevention solutions to carers.

The bed pad is placed beneath the fitted sheet of the bed roughly at shoulder height of the resident.

Placement is important due to the reason that the width of the pad will allow even distribution of weight of the resident across the pad.

When the resident is placed into the bed on top of the bed pad, the transmitter will send a signal to the monitor, therefore notifying that the pad is in use.

If the resident leaves the pad for any reason the monitor will sound an audible alarm.

There are three different tones to choose from and also two different volume controls.

The monitor can certainly be placed in the room with the resident however it is recommended that the monitor is situated outside the room for the reason that it could frighten the resident due to the volume of the tone.

The system can be used in conjunction with the Floor Mats, Emergency Personal Pendant, Nurse Call systems or almost any other Cura1 product!


Features and benefits:

3 x AA battery power but can also be ran from a power plug which is available seperately.

With a 20 meter signal distance (line of sight) to the transmitter.

“Pad Lost Signal” on the LED display on the monitor. if the transmitter is out of range


Each set requires:

Wireless Bed Pad

Pad transmitter

Wireless pad monitor

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