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Dahl Docking Station

Dahl Engineering’s newly developed electric Docking System provides a hitherto unseen flexibility and safety for wheelchair users. The Docking System is the first system on the market to be tested and TÜV certified in accordance with EU safety requirements for cars (M1) with an electric wheelchair which has a weight of 150 kg and integrated lap belt. In testing, the docking station has proved to be so strong that it can withstand a load corresponding to a wheelchair weight of more than 200 kg + passenger provided that the safety belt is installed in the traditional manner in the floor of the vehicle.

The wheelchair docking system is commonly used in Drive from Wheelchair Cars but is also very popular for passengers travelling in their wheelchairs as it allows the user to be secured into the car safely and swiftly with no stress, the system is easily operated by a one button release from the front and rear of the car.

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