Driver Test Station

The Drivers Test Station allows a health professional to evaluate the driver’s abilities and thereby optimize the conditions for an individually adapted car.
By measuring the driver’s ability to apply force, move the limbs and to react quickly, a considerably improved and more comprehensive base of knowledge is produced when planning for a car adaptation.
By using the DTS you can evaluate the ability of the driver founded on facts, and the person being tested can feel reassured that the tests are objectively conducted.
The DTS may also have application in the ongoing monitoring of a persons abilities as a driver as they journey through a long term illness, general age related circumstances or in clinical studies.
The DTS is delivered with software and user instructions. The computer and the screen are not included.
The software of the DTS is easy to use and visualize and provides the options of individual settings.
It should be noted that the DTS is not a “Playstation” or driving simulator. It’s designed as a tool to assist the health professional perform a qualified test of a persons abilities as a driver concerning strength, flexibility, behavior and reaction time.
Specifically, the DTS will allow the following functions to be measured:
1. Strength. Measure force available to depress brake pedal, operate hand controls and turn a steering wheel.
2. Timer test. A test that motivate the driver during the test to give their best o the test situation and also see how they are able co-ordinate movements such as swapping from accelerating to braking.
3. Reaction time. The DTS can measure reaction time using the hands or legs for both emergency braking and through a six point reaction test where the screen signals to the client to activate a particular control or function.
All the collected data can viewed on screen, saved or printed as a test report.


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