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Easy Breathe Sleep Apnoea Pillow

This pillow for sleep apnea uses visco elastic memory foam for luxurious comfort.

With the contoured memory foam sleep apnea pillow, you can get the best nights sleep of your life, even while adjusting to a CPAP mask and apparatus to manage your sleep apnea. aides in the prevention of mask leaks and sore spots. This pillow is designed to help side sleepers wear a mask comfortably with less leakage or discomfort. Our pillow helps elevate and position the head so that the mask extends over the edge of the pillow, instead of pressing into it. Get comfortable, fall sleep faster, sleep more comfortably and wake less.

With our sleep apnea pillow you get luxurious comfort and easier breathing.


With the Australian Made Easy Breather Sleep Apnea pillow you get the cushioned comfort you need to get comfortable with or without a sleep apnea mask. If you need to sleep with the sleep apnea mask, you know how challenging it can be to find a position that is comfortable so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. This luxurious, ultra comfortable Australian made memory foam pillow has been specifically designed to encourage easier breathing. Our quality sleep apnea pillow also features a scalloped area to allow unobstructed airflow to nose and mouth.