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Equagel Protector Cushion

The maintenance free range of EquaGel cushions are designed to relieve pressure and provide comfort.

EquaGel is made of a dry-polymer gel that is almost rubbery to the touch. This gel forms columns in the EquaGel
cushion and when a user sits on the cushion, the columns buckle into the hollow area between the walls for comfort
and support. Air channels between the gel walls promote air flow. This, along with the breathable cover, optimises
skin microclimate. EquaGel cushions are maintenance-free, do not require set up and are flexible for use on slung
wheelchairs seats.

key features

  • Ideal for advanced cushioning needs
  • Contoured pelvic area for equalising pressure redistribution
  • Fluid resistant, flame retardant, vapour permeable cover
  • Moderate to high pressure relief
  • 63.5mm high, with 44.5mm of buckling gel under pressure points