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ETAC Fix Food Preparation System

The Fix Preparation Board from Etac stays secure on your kitchen bench or table thanks to four friction feet. Alternatively, the friction feet can be replaced with four suction cups for additional hold (included with the product at the time of purchase). The top of the board Includes a spiked section and a versatile vice that can hold food or a bowl or other cooking utensils such as a grater.

The spiked plate is ideal for holding smaller pieces of food such as fruit or vegetables. Detachable, the spiked plate is also easy to remove and reinsert with the spikes pointing downwards to obtain a fully flat cutting surface.

The flat plate of the vice is easy to move back or forwards to accommodate an array of different sized items. Simply pull down on the locking lever to release the lock, reposition the board and then relock.

The board is lightweight and easy to clean. Great for single-handed food preparation or some additional support when cutting, whisking, grating, or chopping!

  • The clamp can fix items such as tins or bowls, and the stainless steel spikes keep vegetables still when peeling or cutting.
  • Size: 315mm × 295mm.
  • Weight: 1.66kg.

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