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Etac My-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser

Easy to keep clean and fresh, My-Loo raised toilet seat, with brackets, consists of a small number of parts made of durable materials.

It is easy to wipe off with a soft cloth. Should separate cleaning be required, it is easy to remove the seat and equally simple to put it back in place.

The installation takes only a few seconds, as the raised toilet seat consists of just three parts: two brackets and a seat.

The extra-large friction surfaces and flexible material of the brackets provide a firm attachment to the porcelain. Put the raised toilet seat on the toilet and push the brackets into place. Click, and the installation is finished!

  • Functional and comfortable raised toilet seat
  • Smooth seat with large front opening and rear recess
  • Flexible, friction rubber brackets adjust to fit toilet bowl
  • Fits majority of toilets; easy installation in one step
  • 2 height option – 6cm and 10cm
  • Available with or without lid