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Karma Flexx Wheelchair


The Flexx Series (KM-8022 / KM-8522) is all about comfort, support, performance and Flexibility!

The Flexx’s elliptical-frame design is durable, stylish, and robust, supporting a wide array of adjustable features, such as rear-wheel axle position, seat depth, backrest angle, backrest height, and foldable backrest (KM-8522 only) – to name a few.

Explore the many options that the Flexx Series has to offer and find the right combination to match your needs.

Adjustable Dimensions

Flexx incorporates many adjustable features to improve comfort, support and mobility such as adjustable backrest angle, backrest height, seat depth, and rear wheel axle position. Along with the many wheel options, this model is highly configurable to suit varying needs.

Adjustable Rear Wheel Axle

By changing the position of the rear wheel axle, you change the handling of the wheelchair. The ideal position is based on the individual’s height, weight, strength, and comfort.

Adjustable Flip-Back Armrests

The height of the armrest is adjustable. A proper armrest height helps to relieve loads on the neck, shoulders, arms and alleviate stress on the back.

The flip-back feature makes it easy to get on and off the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk.

Full Range of Arm Support Options

Flexx has four armrests to choose from; Standard, Ergo Armpad 2, Boat Armpad and the Hemi Armpad.

The Boat Armpad offers extra length and width and the Hemi Armpad is extra curved cut with rotation for comfort. All armrests retain the ability to flip back completely.

Full Range of Leg / Foot Support Options

Articulating Legrest extends in length as it is elevated to provide optimal comfort and support.

Amputee footrest is height, angle, and depth adjustable for perfect support.

90-degree Legrest & Adjustable Footplate – The footplate can be set to multiple different positions and angles.

Angle Adjustable Footplate – The footplate can be angled from 70 degrees to 110 degrees.

Universal Design

The adjustable features are intuitively designed for easy operation and color coded with a distinct bright color.

Patented Ergonomic Hand Rim

The patented ergonomic hand rim is easy to grip and propel. Flexx also offers options for aluminum and plastic handrims.

Crash Test Approved

The Flexx is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19. This means is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.

AEGIS Microbe Shield

– Anti-microbial upholstery inhibits bacteria, fungus, and eliminates odour.
– Removable & washable
– Breathable

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