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Karma S-Ergo 125 Wheelchair

S-Ergo 125

Comfortable Seating and Easy Transfer

The flagship model of the S-Ergo line combines flip-up armrests and detachable, swing-away footrests to maximize the a with which users can perform activities of daily living.

Easy Transfer

Flip-Back Armrests

Makes it easy to get on and off the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk.

Detachable Swing-Away Footrests

Allows for easy transfer, on and off the wheelchair and detaches with no tools required.

Compact and Portable

S-Ergo 125 weighs only 9 kg after removing the rear wheels and footrests. This makes storage and transport much easier.

Durable Double Cross Bar Frame

The frame is designed to last longer than an ordinary wheelchair. The double cross-bar holds the entire wheelchair structure firmly and protects the safety of the user on the road.

Ergonomic Armpads

The ergonomic armpads are curved inward according to the way users lean their arms and elbow on the pad. The pad is also narrower at the bottom edges, creating less obstruction for the hands while propelling.

Ergo Handrim

(for 24″ Rear Wheel)

The ergonomic hand-rim gives more comfort and greater mobility for better propulsion and efficient braking.

Available Options

Choose between the attendant-propelled wheelchair with 14″ rear wheels or the self-propelled wheelchair with 24″ rear wheels.

KARMA Technology

S-Ergo Seating System

The patented S-shaped seat matches the anatomic curves of the body, to evenly distribute users’ weight from the hip bone to the lower thigh to maximize comfort, encourage proper posture, and reduce the risk of pressure injuries.
These benefits make Karma’s S-Ergo Seating System a lightweight and practical alternative to bulky and expensive cushions for intermittent use.


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