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Leckey Mygo Stander

Being able to stand upright is an elementary experience for children, and extremely important for their physical as well as social development. Only by standing at the right time can a child’s hips develop properly. Delayed development can therefore cause irreparable damage. The child’s social development is another aspect: standing children can interact with their peers at eye level.

Children who are unable to assume a standing position under their own power require early support in the form of medical devices; one example is the Mygo Stander, which is available in two sizes and can be used in the prone or supine position.

Thanks to the pelvic harness, it safely supports children with severe disabilities aged 3 to 14 years while standing. The modular system prevents faulty pelvic posture and can be adjusted flexibly to the needs of your child. One aspect is particularly important here: The Mygo Stander only provides your child with the support that is urgently needed, otherwise allowing full freedom to be active while standing up.