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Leg Relaxer – Contoured Leg Wedge Support

With the cushioned leg support pad you can elevate legs & improve circulation.


With a contoured leg support pillow, you can comfortably elevate legs and even improve circulation. With contoured support, you can improve circulation and reduce lower back pain with “zero gravity” spinal alignment. As you maintain the natural curve of the lower spine and coccyx, you take pressure off of the lower back and keep ankles and feet above heart level as you recline.

Let our contoured leg support cushion aid circulation, vascular drainage and reduce swelling.

When you put the leg elevator bed support to use, you can improve blood circulation issues while resting in comfort. Our Leg Relaxer pillow offers a simple yet effective leg wedge pillow to support your legs in an elevated position. Your entire body can benefit from the improvement in the way your feet, knees, legs, hips and lower back feel after a good night’s sleep. Get the elevating leg rest and put your feet up.