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Lencare Modular Grab Rail Tube Handrail

This product selection is the range of tubing essential for the Lencare modular series.

This tubing is designed to work with the modular componentry and is supplied in different lengths and finishes. Features include:

    • All tubing is of the industry standard of 32mm
    • All lengths are constructed of stainless steel
    • Supplied in lengths of 1000, 2000 and 3000mm (3000mm in brushed stainless steel only)
    • To be used with tools designed to cut through stainless steel, whether with blades on drop saws or blades on hacksaws
    • Sold in finishes to match the componentry of stainless steel, white and almond ivory. Additional finishes of white ripple and almond ivory ripple are available.

There is also a peened stainless steel range of tubing available, this will work with the stainless steel modular fittings.


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