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Lopital Elexo XXL – Bariatric Shower Commode with Headrest

Caring for Bariatric clients with a traditional shower commode is heavy work. Care staff are obliged to work in unnatural postures and suffer from static back
strain. Lopital offers relief with the height-adjustable Elexo XXL shower commode.

The electric height-adjustability ensures that the seat reaches a maximum tilting angle of 17 degree when at its maximum height, thereby creating the optimum seating
balance for the client / resident. The Elexo XXL shower commode provides comfort with the ergonomically shaped seat, calf support and foldable extended armrests.

Key Features

  • Simple electric high / low adjustment operation with battery indicators
  • Tilt adjustment to a maximum of 17 degrees
  • 3x locking castors, 1x directional locking
  • Extremely stable due to the fitting of 2 lifting motors
  • Carrier for commode bowl or bedpan
  • With sleep mode setting after 60 minutes
  • Simple to recharge with charger included
  • Folding and extendable armrests
  • 2 piece seat with hygiene opening
  • Ergonomic calf supports
  • Swingaway detachable footrests
Max Lifting Capacity: 220kg
Adjustable Sitting Height: 50 – 105 cm
Backrest: 95 – 145 cm
Seat Depth: 60 cm
Seat Width: 70.3 cm
Overall Length of Frame: 115 cm
Overall Width of Frame: 87.7 cm
Leg Adjustment: From 2.5 cm to 25 cm
Headrest Adjustment: 7 depth / 12 height cm
Variable Backrest Adjustment: 30 degrees
Net Weight: 75kg
Electric Controls: 24 Volt
Tilt 17º

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