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Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter

Product Overview

The Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter is an all-around, lightweight, and compact patient lifter suited to home care, aged care and hospital use.  The Molift Mover 180 patient lifter has a lightweight aluminium construction that makes this lifter easy to manoeuvre and easier on caregivers whilst offering a safe working load of 180kgs.  The large lifting interval range, 27 – 163 cm (10.6″ – 64.2″), allows lifting from the highest beds as well as from the floor, whilst the unique push bar provides the best possible natural grip to caregivers.

This patient lift is designed with the user and the caregiver in mind featuring an ergonomically designed unique push bar handle that provides a flexible grip and multiple positions. The Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter, like all Molift lifters, is equipped with a service notification system that lets you know when a service is due based on actual usage. When used with the Molift service tool, data relating to lifter usage and patterns can be extracted. An integrated Service Software Automatic service notification system determines when the lifter requires service and maintenance.

The Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter is available in different variants. Please make a selection from the drop-down menu above.

  • Lightweight and compact patient lifter
  • Suited to home care, aged care and hospital use
  • Large lifting intervals
  • Unique push bar handle offering a flexible grip and multiple positions
  • NiMH environmentally friendly batteries
  • Integrated Service Software Automatic service notification system
  • Compatible for use with a 2-point and 4-point sling bar


  • ARTG Number: 360016
  • Australian Standards: 10535:2011
  • Warranty: 2 years workmanship
  • Molift hand controls and batteries have a warranty of 6 months
Molift Mover 180 – Excluding Sling Bar M18000
Molift Mover 180 – 2 Point Sling Bar Combo 18000-2PT-COMBO
Molift Mover 180 – 4 Point Sling Bar Combo 18000-4PT-COMBO
Hoisting height max (mm) 1630
Hoisting height min (mm) 270
Hoisting interval (mm) 1365
Hoisting speed 75 kg (mm/sec) 50
Leg height (mm) 105
Length (mm) 1260
Width chassis, legs open inner (mm) 1025
Width chassis, outer (mm) 670
Product weight (kg) 32
Material Aluminium, steel
Maximum user weight (kg) 180
Battery NiMH 14,4 V-2,6 Ah
Battery charge time (hours) 3
Rated performance 50 hoists at 75 kg
Service Software Molift Service Tool


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