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Molift Quattro Gantry Frame

Product Overview

The Molift Quattro is a freestanding traverse gantry offering a four-post system. This is the best option when the need for hoisting is temporary, or the facility does not have a fixed rail system installed.

The Quattro gantry can be installed easily without any requirement for mounting additional fixtures to walls or ceilings. It is designed to be installed quickly and efficiently with one or two people. The Molift Quattro Gantry Frame is ideally suited to temporary hoist applications, usually within the hospital or aged care environment. The traverse system consists of an aluminium frame and four steel posts which provide excellent stability and cover the surface of the hoisting requirement, providing access in all lifting situations. Combined with the Molift Air or Molift Nomad and fitted with a sling, the Quattro solves all overhead lifting situations. Lifting and Transferring from or to bed, floor, chair, wheelchair, toilet etc., are all possible with this system. Available in two sizes: 3m x 3m or 4m x 4m. Please make a selection from the drop-down menu above when enquiring. Due to the complex nature of this product, we have trained professionals who can provide assistance to ensure this equipment supports your needs. Please get in touch with us, and we will put you in direct contact with a product specialist in your area.

  • Freestanding traverse gantry
  • Ideal for temporary hoist applications
  • Quick installation without additional fixtures to walls or ceilings
  • Sturdy aluminium frame and four steel posts
  • Available in two sizing options
  • Accessories: Height adjustable foot to each leg (sold separately)


  • ARTG Number: 360015
  • Australian Standards: 10535:2006
  • Warranty: 2 years
Product Name Molift Quattro 3 Molift Quattro 4
Product Code 1600030 1600035
Size (m) 3 x 3 4 x 4
Length (m) 3 4
Height (m) 2.33 2.33
Height using adjustable foot accessory (m) 2.46 2.46
Width (m) 3.16 4.16
Total Weight (kg) 110.95 131.55
Part Weight Boom: 4.2 kg/m Leg with Adjustable Foot: 8.5 kg
Corner: 27 kg
Boom: 4.2 kg/m Leg with Adjustable Foot: 8.5 kg Corner: 27 kg
Maximum Internal Space (m) 2.18 x 3 2.18 x 4
Safe Working Load (kg) 300 300
Material Steel, anodized aluminium, plastic Steel, anodized aluminium, plastic
Expected Lifetime 10 years 10 years

Height adjustable foot for each leg (1610200) Sold Separately: Molift Air Hoist Motor Molift Nomad Portable Ceiling Hoist Motor Molift Nomad Cart Molift Slings

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