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Molift Smart 150 Folding Portable Patient Lifter

Product Overview

Awarded for Design Excellence in Europe, the Molift Smart 150 is a foldable, lightweight, portable patient lifter designed to be easily wheeled and transported. As it is a travel hoist, it is suited for use in-home care, travelling, and transporting in a car and is easily stored. The Molift Smart portable hoist is compact enough to fit into a small hatchback car when folded.

With a lifting range of 27 – 168 cm (10.6″ – 66.1″), the Smart 150 provides an excellent maximum lifting height and, at the same time, gets low enough to facilitate lifting from the floor. The 4-point sling bar is standard and guarantees the patient hoist gives a comfortable lifting position for the user with ample space around the head area, thereby eliminating any risk of the head bumping into the sling bar or the user swinging side-to-side. With the combination of sling and sling bar, the user will slide into a natural, correct seating position, from lying to sitting and vice versa. The Smart 150 has a unique design with an excellent centre of balance and a small footprint, making it easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces.

  • Foldable, portable, lightweight patient lifter
  • 4-point sling bar for a more spacious lifting position
  • Lifts easily from the floor
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • Built-in Software calculates when the lifter requires servicing
  • Electric / Manual Lowering Functions
  • Can be divided into two sections for easy transport
  • Emergency stop
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg
  • Travel bags available in a Soft Travel Case or a TSA approved Hard Travel Case for transporting by air


  • ARTG Number: 360016
  • Australian Standards: 10535:2011
  • Warranty: 2 years workmanship
  • Molift hand controls and batteries have a warranty of 6 months
Product Name Molift Smart 150 Folding Portable Patient Lifter
Product Code M10200
Battery NiMH 14,4 V-2,6 Ah
Battery charge time (hours) 3
Hoisting height max (mm) 1665
Hoisting height min (mm) 210
Hoisting interval (mm) 1410
Hoisting speed 75 kg (mm/sec) 60
Leg height (mm) 110
Length (mm) 1200
Material Aluminium, steel
Maximum user weight (kg) 150
Rated performance 40 hoists at: 75 kg and 500 mm
Service Software Molift Service Tool
Weight (kg) 26
Width chassis, legs open inner (mm) 925
Width chassis, outer (mm) 660
Size When Folded (mm) 1160 x 475 x 355


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