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Multi-Purpose Cushion – Egg Foam Seat Support Cushion

A comfort seat cushion ideal for the office, home, or for sports stadium seating.

If you sit for long periods of time, you know it can be hard on your body. Sit at your desk for the better part of the day and it won’t be long before your lower back is throbbing and even your legs hurt from the very pressure of sitting. With our comfort cushion, you can make any chair or seat more comfortable whether you are at home, the office, the big game or even in your car.

Our egg crate chair pad makes stadium seating more comfortable.

Don’t sit through another game wishing it was over. With comfortable stadium seating, you can watch your kid’s game or the ‘big’ game in comfort. Our foam seat cushion adds a layer between you and those hard benches, it can even keep you warmer when it’s cold since you don’t have to sit on cold benches that draw heat from your body.