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Novis BetterLiving Mattress Replacement System

Product Overview

Safety is a key feature, with the AutoCair technology ensuring that correct pressure levels are automatically maintained, alleviating concerns about manual adjustments. Simplicity is a core principle, focusing on user-friendliness and minimal upkeep. The system is easy to set up, operate, and maintain, simplifying its use for caregivers. Quality is paramount, with all products adhering to Australian standards and being crafted from top-quality materials. Stringent Quality Control inspections and regular testing guarantee reliability.

The BetterLiving Mattress Replacement System offers essential features for pressure injury prevention and treatment, including automatic pressure adjustments, the ability to replace existing mattresses for enhanced therapy, a cell-in-cell design for user safety and comfort, continuous inflation of the base layer to prevent bottoming out, and a quick twist CPR feature for swift deflation. It is a practical, efficient, and clinically advanced system designed to improve patient care.

Key Features

  • Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment: Designed with essential features to prevent and treat pressure injuries, this mattress replacement system is ideal for individuals at risk of or already experiencing pressure-related skin issues.
  • Quick Twist CPR for Rapid Deflation: Mattress can be rapidly deflated using the Quick Twist CPR feature. Allows for quick and efficient access to the user, promoting their safety and well-being.
  • Superior Therapy: By replacing an existing mattress, this system provides a superior therapeutic experience for users. Offers advanced pressure relief and support to address a range of pressure-related concerns.
  • Cell-in-Cell Design: Incorporates a cell-in-cell design, enhancing user safety and comfort. Prevents the user from sinking too deeply into the mattress and promotes even weight distribution.
  • Constantly Inflated Base Layer: Includes a constantly inflated base layer that protects against “bottoming out”. Ensures that users do not experience discomfort or skin issues due to inadequate support.
  • Automatic Pressure Setting: System features automatic pressure adjustment, ensuring that users receive optimal therapy without the need for manual pressure management. Simplifies the caregiving process and enhances user comfort.
  • Easy Setup, Operation, and Maintenance: Designed for user and caregiver convenience. Straightforward to set up, operate, and maintain, requiring minimal training and effort.
Technical Specifications
  • Patient Risk Category: High Risk
  • Mattress Recommendations: Designed for high-end, home, and age care needs. Offering a cost-effective solution while providing optimum patient comfort and safety. Easy to set up with automatic weight sensing and comfort.
  • Clinical Features: 2 cell cycle therapy, Full Mattress Replacement, Automatic weight sensing with manual comfort control.


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