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Oxford Ascend Hoist

With its unrivalled range of movement, the Ascend can transfer a patient from a low-seated position to fully extended with ease. Its active lifting motion was specially designed to encourage user participation, which ultimately promotes patient independence and well-being.


  • Adjustable Knee Pad – The adjustable knee pad ensures optimum resident comfort and support during the lift process.
  • Removable Foot Tray – The removable foot tray allows the Arise to be used as a walking aid, great for residents that need walking rehab or training.


 Technical Information

  • Safe Working Load – 170kg
  • Maximum Overall Length – 1100mm
  • Minimum Overall Length – 1000mm
  • Maximum Overall Height – 1710mm
  • Minimum Overall Height – 1070mm
  • Maximum Height to attachment point – 1665mm
  • Minimum Height to attachment point – 990mm
  • Turning Radius – 1320mm
  • Legs Open External Width – 995mm
  • Legs Open Internal Width – 885mm
  • Legs Closed External Width – 630mm
  • Legs Closed Internal Width – 510mm
  • Overall Height of Legs – 120mm
  • Ground Clearance – 35mm
  • Front Twin Castors – 100mm
  • Rear Brakes Castors – 100mm

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