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Posture Wedge – Angled Seat Cushion

  • Our angled seat cushion encourages proper alignment reducing pressure on lumbar discs.

    Minimise potential back problems and get the softness and support you need whether at your desk, in the car or your favorite chair. And with Australian made foam, you never have to wonder what might be in your comfort seat cushion. And in the car, angled wedges can help level out the car seat base which may be useful if your vehicle has bucket shaped seats and the angle of the base cannot be adjusted.

    The posture support wedge cushion can help relieve lower back pain.

    Our angled seat cushion is designed for persons sitting for extended periods. Sitting for long periods can be uncomfortable and even hard on your back and body. Our posture wedge helps in maintaining the spine’s natural curvature helping alleviate nerve pressure in the mid-back area that can cause discomfort. The posture support wedge provides support for a comfortable, aligned spine while seated. Ideal at your desk and computer, use our wedge in your car, take it to a movie, the big game, or give it as a gift to your posturally challenged loved one.