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RB Systems Joy Spinner

Our unique JoySpinner has a built-in remote-control joystick for secondary driving operations. The JoySpinner ergonomically designed and compact in size for comfortable use, the driver can easily activate all JoySpinner’s functions by using only their thumb or finger. The JoySpinner offers up to 12 secondary functions using a four-way joystick and two push buttons. The JoySpinner knob communicates via RF (radio frequency) with various Signallers ECUs. Like the vehicles existing electrical functions, the JoySpinner will operate as soon as the vehicle ignition is turned on. The JoySpinner can be quickly released from its quick-release bracket (BandBase) providing easy usage for multiple drivers. The JoySpinner is available in either classic or large size.

JoySpinner Functions:

– Right /left turn signals

– Horn

– High beam flash

– High beam / Low beam switching

– Up to three-speed front window wipers

– Front window washer

– Hazard signals

– Rear wiper & rear OR fog lamps OR cruise control.


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