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Romedic Quick Move

• Supports and activates the client in sit-to-stand procedures, and transfers
the client in a seated or standing position
• Developed for clients with impaired balance and reduced leg strength, but the
client must have some strength in the arms and be able to weight bear to actively
participate in the transfer
• Ideal for both long-term and for occasional needs, for example in post-operative
care when the balance is temporarily impaired
• The client places their feet on the anti-slip footplate, gets support form the lower
leg support and chooses a comfortable horizontal or vertical grip. When the client
has risen using their own strength, the carer or client folds down the cushions
behind the buttocks, to provide a stable support. The client then has the option
to remain standing or to be seated during the transfer
• When the client is rising again, the carer can, with a push on the handle, angle
the cushions to assist achieving a standing position
• Stimulates a natural pattern of movement
• Angle-adjustable buttock cushions, lower leg/knee support and leg width
are all adjustable for a safe and stable transfer
• Compact and convenient
• Durable powder coated steel frame
• Mounted on 4 x 75mm castors, 2 of which are locking


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