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Sleeping Contoured Bed Wedge – Acid Reflux Relief

The bed wedge is great for reading, TV and lounging in bed.

Or bed wedge can help you get comfier whether you are lounging in bed or reading a book. Our sleep wedge pillow is contoured for your comfort. This contoured bed wedge also boasts a built-in support column to lightly cushion your spinal column. As an added benefit, sleeping wedge is slightly angled to reduce pressure on the weight bearing lower vertebrae. A well designed bed wedge can promote optimal spinal alignment, spread the body’s load and offer cushioned support. Beyond being easier on your back, the sleep wedge pillow is great for those suffering from medical conditions that require an upright, angled sleep position.

With the angled sleep wedge pillow get a natural remedy for GERD and Acid Reflux

Our Australian Made Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow is comfortable and effective for reading in bed or sleeping in an elevated position. Sleeping slightly elevated is a safe and natural remedy for GERD. Elevating the upper body can allow for relaxed breathing and better digestion. Our bed wedge is best for back sleeping positions and is especially useful for the prevention and treatment of GERD. Additionally, the sleep wedge offers benefits for individuals suffering from bronchial or respiratory problems, hiatus hernia, heart conditions and gastric acid reflux.