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Spex Axial Thigh Support

Spex wheelchair lateral thigh supports are transport certified and designed to be installed to the seat pan or seat rail, enabling precise positioning for the user.

Acclaimed Axial hardware enables full support for external hip rotation and wind-swept postures as well as preventing pelvic rotation tendency.

Choose from Quick Release, Swing-Down or Fixed Mount options for the Axial Thigh Support Hardware.

  • Facilitate good thigh alignment and stabilise the sitting posture
  • Control hip abduction, moderate external hip rotation, reduce femur and greater trochanter lateral pressure into the wheelchair sideguards with the comfortable pad
  • Prevent hip, pelvic and trunk rotation by stabilising the pelvis on the seating system
  • In combination with lateral trunk supports, assists to align the user’s posture, stabilising upper body and providing functionality
  • Hardware can be configured various ways to suit different pelvic and thigh patterns
  • Arm supports can be upgraded to the hardware if necessary
  • Washable upholstery covers