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Spex Medial Thigh Support

The Spex Medial Thigh support block is a wedge shape that can be attached to the front of the wheelchair seat.

It should be used to keep the user’s legs in the correct position to maintain a neutral pelvis. It doesn’t just swing-down, it can then pull off the mount to allow an unobstructed transfer.

Provides a comfortable yet firm knee and medial thigh support through a soft padding and removable washable cover.

  • The medial thigh support should be used with clients who experience a variety of movement disorders, fluctuating muscle tone, spasticity or contractures.
  • It assists to align the heads of the femurs with the acetabulum providing symmetrical hip abduction for proper posture.
  • Abduction allows equal weight bearing through both ischial tuberosities and thighs, thus permitting better pressure distribution.
  • Provides a wider, more stable support base for the upper body while limiting contractures and deformities that could interfere with function.
  • In cases of hip dysplasia, luxation or dislocation it provides comfort and reduces pain.
  • Not to be used as a way to prevent or limit forward sliding. The pommel should be installed clear of the groin area.
  • Depth adjustable convenience combined with flip down hardware.
  • Easy access release hardware.
  • Huge height range for high profile cushions.
  • Can be mounted to a seat pan.