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TurnAid is an electrically driven turning sheet. TurnAid was developed to optimise the situations in relation to the caring, moving, and bed solutions for persons with severe physical disabilities in hospitals, institutions, or their own home.

TurnAid handles persons with a weight up to 200kg and does so with maximum consideration of the care-needed of the individual and the staff. TurnAid is easily mounted on most care beds as it comes with a built-in universal fitting together with length and width adjustment.


  • Optimizes the workflow associated with the reversal, displacement, and seating of persons with severe physical disabilities
  • Improves the working environment as well as increasing safety and dignity
  • Easily installed on most types of care beds using the built-in universal bracket & meets Medical Directive
  • 200kg SWL
  • Accessories include foot control, extra hand control, and white sheets

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