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Waverley Glen C1000

With an option of four styles of carry bars, all featuring the Quick Release System, consideration can now be given to the inevitable health related issues that bariatric patients have and they can be lifted according to their needs. The C1000 comes with a digital display with built-in diagnostics and lift counter for user maintenance and compliance.

Also available as the C1000 Tandem Bariatric System. Mounted on dual ceiling rails running parallel to each other on an XY room coverage system, each rail is fitted with its own independently operated hoist unit, allowing the ceregiver to seperately lift the torso and legs.

Carry Bar – the standard size C1000 carry bar used to attach the patient lifting sling to

Extra Wide Carry Bar – for patients with a large torso or generally over 170Kgs, makes a comfortable and safe transfer and easy sling attachment

Tandem Carry Bar – allows users to take full advantage of dual motor positioning, giving greater control of a patients weight between the two (torso and leg) lifting motors

Four Point (X-Style) Carry Bar – has broadly-spaced attachment points for a slings shoulder and leg straps, improving the comfort of wide patients, and swivels for 360 degree positioning

  • 1000lbs capacity (454Kg)
  • Digital display of lift counter and battery level
  • Cycle count
  • Constant charge
  • Emergency stop, emergency power and manual lowering features
  • 454Kg quick release weigh scale
  • Option of 4 carry bars for maximum comfort and functionality
  • Quick release system for simple interchange of Carry Bars
  • Range of bariatric sling sizes available and custom slings on request