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Waverly Glen C450 Ceiling Hoist

The Waverley Glen C450 Hoist delivers innovation,
affordability and quality. Ceiling hoists
dramatically reduce injuries resulting from the
handling of patients and residents in both
institutional and home care settings. The C450 has
been designed with a full set of standard features
and can be safely operated by a single caregiver.
Built for quiet operation, the C Series provides a
smooth and effortless transfer which safely
enhances the working conditions of caregivers. At
the press of a button, the C Series will lift up to a
maximum of 205kg (450lbs), allowing greatest
flexibility in the type of patients that can be
transferred. For additional flexibility, powered
traversing options can be included.


– Smallest Hoist of its class which allows for
180mm of additional lifting height
– Quick lifting speed
– Emergency pull cord.
– Modular design for simplified maintenance
– Quick charge batteries for reduced service time
– Audible low battery indicator & visual
battery/charge level display
– Digital readout
– Auto shut of when not in use to save battery life
– 2.2 strap vertical movement allows you to easily
lift from the floor
– Pneumatic Hand Controls – 100% waterproof
– Manual option – for emergency raising or
– Available with Return to charge option.


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