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Wheelchair Boot Slider

People often have difficulty getting a wheelchair into the boot of a car, and usually resort to having to lift the wheelchair. The Wheelchair Boot Slider can help make this job easier.

It is ideal for collapsible manual (push along) wheelchairs. Generally, it it not suitable for large, heavy electric wheelchairs which do not collapse, but feel free to contact us to check.


  • Boot Blanket – This is the padded section that protects the rear of the car. The padded section goes inside the boot to give a slippery surface for the wheelchair to slide on, when putting it into or taking it out of the car.
  • Slider Platform – This is the part that the wheelchair is rolled into. It has a cover to hold the wheelchair in position with Hook & Loop Tape attachments in the top corners.
  • Ground Protector – Place this on the ground under the Slider Platform to protect the Slider Platform from getting dirty, wet, or deteriorating on rough road surfaces. It also keeps your clothes clean when leaning the Wheelchair Boot Slider up against your thigh. The Ground Protector has a webbing strap attaching it to the Boot Blanket. This is a reminder not to leave it behind before driving away!


Lay the Boot Blanket open across the boot. Undo one of the Hook & Loop Tape securing straps to open the front cover of the Slider Platform. Wheel the folded wheelchair into position and do up the Hook & Loop Tape strap. Lean the Slider Platform with the wheelchair inside, against the car boot and then use the two front cover handles to lift it up. Most of the weight of the wheelchair will now be resting on the edge of the boot. Take the rest of weight on your thigh. Step forward to let the wheelchair slide into the boot.

Removing the wheelchair from the boot is even easier. Lift the wheelchair onto the edge of the boot using the two small loops, then hold the front cover handles to slide the Slider and wheelchair, slowly, gently and safely down to the ground.