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AFISCOOTER S4 Wide Mobility Scooter

The Ultimate Outdoor, Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooter With a Wide Seat

The best 4 wheel mobility scooter with a dual seat. This heavy-duty, all terrain mobility scooter has an extra wide and remarkably comfortable orthopedic seat. The luxurious 22-24” wide seat enables you to ride with a companion or a pet, or simply having that extra space for a bit of added comfort.  Afiscooter S4 wide seat was designed to maximize the protection and safety of the driver andle traversable terrain with exceptional stability and uncompromising comfort, for pure riding pleasure.

Extra Comfort, a Luxurious orthopedic rotatable seat that provides comfort while driving and ease boarding

Extra utilities, a lockable front compartment, Built in cup holders and an energy efficient LED headlight.

Extra Safety, a robust frame, protective plastic shrouds and a Rubber (PU) shock absorbing front bumper


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