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Carobrake 700 Electronic Handbrake

The Carobrake 700 Electronic Handbrake is a transformative solution that converts a traditional manual handbrake into an automated and user-friendly electronic handbrake system.

Designed with individuals who have arm injuries or pre-existing medical conditions that hinder the use of a manual handbrake in mind, the Carobrake 700 offers a seamless transition to an electronic alternative.

This innovative system not only replaces the manual handbrake but also simplifies its operation. With just the press of a button, the Carobrake 700 Electronic Handbrake effortlessly engages or disengages the handbrake, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

During installation, the Carobrake 700 Electronic Handbrake completely replaces the need for the traditional manual handbrake lever. In its place, a user-friendly button is installed on the dashboard, ensuring a smooth and ergonomic driving experience.