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Carospeed Hand Controls

The Carospeed range by Autoadapt is a real alternative to traditional steering column mounted hand controls. The Carospeed’s control lever is ergonomically and aesthetically designed to blend more naturally with your cars interior. It is operated with the left hand leaving the right hand for steering. A simple push to accelerate and pull to brake action is all that’s required.

The Carospeed comes in several different options.

  1. The Carospeed Classic

This version of the Carospeed is the standard version of the Carospeed. It comes with a Hill-holder function, which allows the user to change gears in the car whilst stationary on a hill.

The Classic also comes with an optional set cruise function, allowing cruise control to be set from the device.

2. Carospeed Indicator

The Carospeed indicator comes with all of the functions of the Carospeed classic, with the added function of an indicator switch integrated into the device.

3. Carospeed E

The Carospeed E comes with all of the functions of the Classic, plus additional power functions including, horn, windscreen wipers, indicators, and high/low beam headlights. These extra functions give the driver complete control of the car without having to move their hand.

4.  Carospeed T and TE

The Carospeed T (standard) and TE (electrical functions) offer a T-grip handle as opposed to the standard handle.


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