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Decpac Ramps

Invacare’s Decpac ramp range are a great range of compact ramps allowing access over obstacles.

These ramps are made from a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials, making them light & strong.

These ramps have a weight capacity up to 300kg and have grip tape fitted to the ramp surface for extra grip.

There a 4 different types of ramps in the range.

PERSONAL – Portable, lightweight ramp that allows
easier access in and around the home or workplace.
Ideal for climbing kerbs or similar obstacles.

MULTIPURPOSE – Longer and wider, designed to
cope with a wider range of obstacles making it
more suitable for commercial and travel.

SENIOR – Flexible range of ramps to cope with
obstacles from 22.5-87cm in height. 10 sizes available.

of edge barriers, particularly suited to providing instant access.

To see what type of ramp suits see the evaluation guide below.

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