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Deutscher Bariatric Floor Line Bed

The Deutscher Bariatric Bed has a safe working load rating of 350Kg and has been released onto the market after many months of stringent testing to ensure it meets the requirements necessary for the safe handling of larger clients.

Manufactured in Ballarat, Australia by Deutscher Healthcare, the bed comes with many innovative design features, making it easy to operate, store and move when required.

The WMR1090BT (affectionately known as the “Big Ted Bed”) is a 3 function bed with a generous mattress platform of 107cm x 203cm.

It is fitted with twin actuators on both the back rest and the knee bend functions and a pair of strong actuators at each end of the bed to raise & lower the mattress platform.  A larger capacity controller and transformer is fitted to handle the power.  This new floorline bed uses Dewert Electrics, which are well represented and supported in Australia, meaning spare parts are readily available, should they be required.

The height range of the bed is 135mm to 735mm.

The bed comes standard with a hand controller as well as a built in control panel in the foot end tower.

A pump bracket is fitted to the foot end tower to accommodate an alternating mattress, if required.

For ease of mobility, heavy duty dual 125mm castor wheels have been fitted with quick action locking bars at each end of the bed.

The ability to be easily folded when not in use is an enormous advantage for moving in tight areas, or for when placing the unit into storage.

Considering it’s a bed sporting a 350kg SWL capacity, its design allows it to maintain its strength and durability, yet not be too heavy for manual handling.

Deutscher Healthcare has a range of accessories available to suit the bed which include:

  • Clamp on Bed Stick.
  • Self-help pole & Handle.
  • Side Rails.
  • Over bed tables.
  • Battery back-up.

The head & foot boards come standard in a Cherry Red wood grain finish, but other colours are available on request.


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