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Di Blasi R32 and R34 Manual or Electric Tricycle, Ebike

We now have available in Australia the Di Blasi R32 Manual and R34 Electric Folding Tricycles!

The Di Blasi foldable tricycles for adults have been conceived principally for the elderly and disabled, who are looking for a mode of transport that is comfortable, maneuverable and easy to transport.

Suitable for all ages, they can be used in any context, thanks to their maneuverability, convenience and the extreme ease with which they can be folded, transforming into a conveniently compact carry on suitcase-type object that is easily transportable by car or public transport.

They are perfect for those who have minor mobility problems and want to use a pedal-powered vehicle for physical exercise without having balance issues.

Different types:

The Di Blasi foldable tricycles are available in two versions: the pedal-powered model R32, and the model R34 with an auxiliary electric motor, ideal for the elderly and disabled, but also those who want to get around effortlessly – even uphill or for longer journeys.

Do you need a permit to drive them?

Di Blasi foldable tricycles, including the electric R34 tricycle with auxiliary electric motor, do not require a special permit to drive.

Di Blasi foldable tricycles are characterized by excellent stability when compared with common bicycles, and impressive comfort thanks to large wheels (20”) that make them perfect for long journeys.

The standard Di Blasi tricycle is equipped with: foldable pedals, 5-speed derailleur, rear luggage rack, wheels for dragging it when it is folded, and front and tail LED lights.

The standard version has a seat with three height settings. For small-framed people and children, there are the Junior and Cadet settings. Di Blasi tricycles are therefore suitable for all ages.

To ensure maximum comfort for those with minor orthopedic problems, the tricycle can be equipped upon request with backrest, foldable pedals with toe clip fitted, rear derailleur controlled by Left shifter.
A solution to mobility problems 100% made in Italy, available in different models with various accessories, including orthopedic ones.

When folded, the trike only weighs 25kg and fits into a space of 68x63x28cm.