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Fadiel SG35 Hoist

The SG35 Hoist manufactured by SMDM is designed to be lateral mounted to assist those wanting to store a wheelchair directly from the driver or passenger seat. It is also suitable for stowage of a wheelchair in the rear of the vehicle. Featuring electronic lifting and manual rotation from the two points of pivot. Lifting is actuated by buttons located on the Hoist, alternatively a remote keypad can be fitted. The SG35 Hoist is rated to 35kgs and is easily installed with the adjustable angle fixing bracket.



  • Lateral mounted for stowing a wheelchair directly from behind the driver or passenger seat
  • Load rated to 35kgs
  • Electronic lifting/lowering & rotation
  • Manual rotation by articulated joints
  • Easily installed with the adjustable angle fixing bracket.
  • Compact design and quick removal.

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